In addition to his writing and editing, Jeff Campbell has been a writing teacher for nearly a decade. In 2010, he launched his first “Crunchy Bug Club,” an afterschool creative writing club in a grade school in Morristown, New Jersey. In 2014, he became a writing teacher with the Writers Circle, which is based in South Orange but now also has classes in Morristown. With the Writers Circle, he teaches classes for all ages, children and adults.

With grade-school students, Jeff uses wacky writing games and unusual story prompts to unleash creativity, have fun, and spark a love of writing. With teens, he also emphasizes a playful spirit of adventure, while focusing on specific aspects of storytelling, such as character development, plot, descriptive language, wordplay, and dialogue, along with developing critique and revision skills.

Jeff mostly teaches nonfiction to adults, drawing on his experience as a travel writer, nonfiction author, and editor. His goal is to help students develop their voice and identify their passions, so that whatever they write, it is defined by urgency, vividness, and purpose.

Through the Writers Circle, Jeff has also conducted in-school writing programs, worked one-on-one coaching young writers, and run writing workshops at local book festivals. For more information, please contact Jeff (jcampbellbooks@aol.com) or the Writers Circle.

“Thank you for your detailed editor’s notes on my last story. Your questions and comments are incisive and helpful. I’ve rarely had anyone respond to my work so thoughtfully and thoroughly. . . . You’re a great facilitator, and the course was challenging and inspiring.”                         —Linda T.

The Writers Circle at Kidfest 2016 at the Morristown Festival of Books, Morristown, NJ.